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Naira NGN Skrill USD

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Manual Exchange

This is manual exchange. Operator will need some time to review your order.
Our office address: 71a Shyllon Street. Palmgrove, Lagos. We are also available in Abuja for some exchange transactions! !!

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Min Amount: 12100 NGN     Max Amount: 3000000 NGN

Amount Receive

Max Amount: 498092.00 USD
Rate: 605 NGN = 1 USD

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About Naira NGN to Skrill USD Exchange

Please live chat/call/Whatsapp us if the quantity you want to BUY is not up to the minimum or more than the maximum stated on this page. You can also contact us to negotiate for a better rate, especially if the quantity you want to BUY is much.

Kindly note that our EXECUTION time frame is usually within 24 hours of business days and, at times, weekends inclusive. Nevertheless, it could be within a few minutes or a few hours, depending on some factors. It shouldn't exceed 24 hours for all E-currencies aside from PayPal, which could at times take longer as a result of their security checks, holds, etc.

You could BUY E-currencies from us and get funded without uploading your VERIFICATION or CERTIFICATION documents to us. Nevertheless, we could ask you to VERIFY or CERTIFY your account with us before we complete your order if we see any reason for that. To know what VERIFICATION or CERTIFICATION of account means, please contact us.

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  498092.00 USD   want more?

Min Amount

  12100 NGN

Max Amount

  3000000 NGN

Secure Exchange
Your exchange is always safe and secure.