21 April 2022

How To Easily Make Money On IJAM Exchange

When it comes to making money online, there are several ways such as blogging affiliate marketing, selling items online and many more. To be candid, they are not all easy because they require some commitments such as capital, data, time, etc. Making money online through affiliate marketing is quite a good idea because it doesn't require much capital. It revolves around marketing the services and products of some businesses, individuals, etc. to get a commission which could be of any amount or percentage in return.

That said, anyone can make money online by becoming an affiliate of IJAM Exchange Limited. IJAM Exchange is known to offer one of the best rates for digital currencies and we have been in the digital currency exchange business for more than ten years. With that, we have good experience in the business to the extent we offer free consulting regarding digital currencies to everyone. To start making money as an affiliate on our platform, kindly sign up on our website => Once you log in, click on "My Referrals" or just visit this link => which will look like X where X will be your unique affiliate number. Copy the link and start sharing it with people to sign up through it. Once they sign up through your link, it will show in the "my referrals" section of your account.


Whenever they sell PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or Neteller funds to us, say 25% of the profit we make on such transactions will be credited to your account on our website once your referrals complete the transactions. It will show in your account, the referral and the number of dollars that he or she transacted. For example, if your referral sells 1,000$ of Payoneer fund, you will get $10 credited to your account as a commission. Because our dollar official rate is N500/$, you will be getting N5,000 into your Nigerian bank account if you are a Nigerian. If you are not a Nigerian, we will credit you dollar equivalent through any of the digital currencies we trade on our website.

Another way you can make money online with IJAM Exchange is to look at the rates we buy digital currencies on our website, buy at lesser rates from people and sell to us at higher rates.


That is all for now; and you are free to live chat, call or Whatsapp us for more details.

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