ATTENTION: We bear PayPal GnS FEE when you sell to us. The higher the quantity you want to SELL, the higher the rate we will likely BUY, and vice versa. To learn how to BUY, click HERE and to learn how to SELL, click HERE.
E-currency We Buy We Sell
PayPal FnF PayPal FnF N550/$ or + N600/$ or -
Payoneer Payoneer N560/$ or + N600/$ or -
Skrill Skrill N550/$ or + N605/$ or -
Neteller Neteller N540/$ or + N610/$ or -
PayPal GnS PayPal GnS N500/$ or + N570/$ or -
Perfect Money Perfect Money N580/$ or + N605/$ or -
GTBank USD GTBank USD N590/$ or + N610/$ or -
Access Bank USD Access USD N590/$ or + N610/$ or -
+ Represents HIGHER while - Represents LESSER! !!

Why Choose Us

We are not just a digital currency or E-currency Exchanger, but also a digital currency or E-currency Consultant with over eleven(11) years of practical experience in the field. We will always be there for you on any issue related to E-currencies different from its BUYING & SELLING! !!

  • Competitive Exchange Rates: Despite we have running costs, we still make our rates reasonable and sometimes, negotiable.
  • Prompt Order Delivery: Despite the fluctuating availability of funds as a result prevalance scarcity, we still try our best in executing orders on time, along with good follow up.
  • Full Customer Support: We are often available on calls, live chat, Whatsapp, facebook, etc. to make sure your experience with us comes out top-notch.
  • Quick recovery: In case you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing your account, you can easily reset your password.
  • Hassle free: We've tried our possible best to make sure that the process of buying and selling on our website is as simple as ABC.
  • Awesome feedback: We are always often available to respond to you on time, even outside business hours and days.
  • Referral commission: We've made our referral system available so that you can start making money as you refer people to us. Start making money today! !!
  • Trusted By Many People: We have been in this business for quite a long time and the integrity of our brand still stands and keep getting stronger.
  • Availability: We have a physical office in Lagos and also available in Abuja where we as well attend to complaints, enquiries, orders and services, etc. on a ONE on ONE basis in case there is need for such.
Why Choose Ijam Exchange?

We're Over 11 Years In Business

We are enterprising and reliable experts in the field of digital currency exchange. We have been providing fast and quality services for the past eleven(11) years.

We have the best exchange rates in the market; you can click HERE to see them. We as well offer very good affiliate, referral or partnership commission; a whooping 25% referral commisson as it can be read HERE.

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  Our Exchange Directions Of The Week

  Direction   Total Sent Total Received     Exchange
Naira NGN  
  PayPal GnS USD
186390.00 NGN 327.00 USD   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Skrill USD
127050.00 NGN 210.00 USD   Exchange
Access USD  
  Naira NGN
879.00 USD 520368.00 NGN   Exchange
Perfect Money USD  
  Naira NGN
102.00 USD 59160.00 NGN   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  PayPal FnF USD
60000.00 NGN 100.00 USD   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Perfect Money USD
32100.00 NGN 53.06 USD   Exchange
Payoneer USD  
  Naira NGN
1000.00 USD 560000.00 NGN   Exchange

We are an enterprising and reliable experts in the field of digital currency exchange. We have been providing fast and quality services for the past eleven(11) years.